Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to access Loyola University on iTunes U?
You will need to have the latest version of iTunes to access Loyola University's iTunes U content. The iTunes software is completely free, and is available for both Mac and PC users. You can download iTunes from Apple's website.

Once you have iTunes installed, you can visit the iTunes website and click on the "Launch Loyola University on iTunes U" button. You will be taken directly to Loyola's iTunes U page.
Will I have to pay to access Loyola University's content on iTunes U?
No. All material on our iTunes U site is free, and may be freely previewed and downloaded by anybody.
Who uses iTunes U?
iTunes U is used primarily by Loyola University students, faculty and staff. However, the service is open to the public. iTunes U is a great way to reach prospective and former students, too.
Is Loyola University's content on iTunes U part of the iTunes Music Store?
No. The tracks offered by Loyola University on iTunes U are kept separate from the content on the main iTunes Music Store. Thus, you will not be able to access Loyola's iTunes U site directly without first visiting the iTunes website.
What are podcasts?
"Coursecasting," or "Podcasting" is the latest trend in educational technology. It allows students and the general public to download audio and video recordings of class lectures, campus events, and other material to their computers, iPods or other MP3 players and listen or view them whenever they want and at their convenience.
How do I contribute content?
If you are interested in posting content to Loyola University’s iTunes U site, please contact:

University Web Team
Greenville Hall, Broadway Campus
Loyola University New Orleans

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